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Our Arks


What is Ark?

It is the liquefied form of steam which is collected by boiling natural herbs with water.

Facts based on Ark

  • ARK is the purest form of any natural herb which is produced by the steam extracted from these natural herbs.
  • It is the only consumable product which can be sustained for a long time without using preservative.
  • The ARK which is produced by these natural herbs or jadibooti works faster than any product in the body.
  • Ark is in the digestive form, therefore no energy is wasted or utilized to digest it, whereas for any other medicine or food the digestion take place. Thus it improves immunity and internal strength.

How it relates to our culture ?

The process of making ark has been used from the time of Vedic age.
Some flowers and jadibootis are available for 2 to 3 months in a year so to use them for their medicinal properties for a longer period of time,      Ayurveda Acharyas used to extract(Ark) out of these elements.