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It is been said in ayurveda books that the knowledge of Ark was 1st provided to Ravan by Goddess Parvati when he came to KailashParvat to meet Mahadev. When Mahadev was in tapasya and Ravan was waiting for his darshan.

In our culture the AyurvedicAcharyas used to store the benefits of seasonal herbs in the form of Arks so that they can reuse it when it is not available.

Arks is purely made from water and herbs nothing added nothing subtracted.

Tummy’s Best was started as an initiative to provide knowledge of Ark and guide upon herbal living.

The concept behind Ark may sound like an incredible new revelation, but it really isn’t. Ayurveda uses a treasure trove of nature’s secrets that have been in existence for many centuries, but not fully discovered until recently.

Natural herbs and spices are filled with many amazing properties that have proven to be very beneficial to our health, not to mention the flavours and aromas. A basic, everyday herb like saunf (fennel seeds) is well known for its digestive properties, so for centuries people have been consuming it in small quantities after meals, all to ease their digestion.

There are certain herbs that have very soothing properties, like mint, rose and tulsi and these Arks can be safely included as part of your everyday diet.

One reason for the effectiveness of Arks is because they circulate throughout your body very rapidly. The substance dissolves easily in the bloodstream to act quickly.

For the most part, Ark is currently not very well known, but certainly very worthy of discovering. Anyone using Ark should be aware of their own body and how it is reacting to certain ingredients.

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