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About Arks

What is Ark?

It is the liquefied form of steam which is collected by boiling natural herbs with water.

Facts based on Ark

  • ARK is the purest form of any natural herb which is produced by the steam extracted from these natural herbs.
  • It is the only consumable product which can be sustained for a long time without using preservative.
  • The ARK which is produced by these natural herbs or jadibooti works faster than any product in the body.
  • Ark is in the digestive form, therefore no energy is wasted or utilized to digest it, whereas for any other medicine or food the digestion take place. Thus it improves immunity and internal strength.

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Testimonials By
Renowned Doctors & Dieticians

“Arks are simply wonderful. I recommend them to patients who come to me with gastric issues, troubles with acidity and constipation and they have provided good results. ”

Dr. Simran Saini

“I would estimate that about 90% of the clients I see in my practice have felt improvement after using arc and they continue to buy these products. ”

Dr. Divya Gandi

“One reason for the effectiveness of arks is because they circulate throughout your body very rapidly. The substance dissolves easily in the bloodstream to act quickly.”

Dr. Nisha Malhortra

“This will be a lot lighter on the stomach and much easier to digest, while retaining all the nourishing and beneficial properties you would get by consuming whole fennel seeds.”

Dr. Rupali Datta